Trails of Dice And Decks is a RPG board game, where your objective is to complete a randomly generated quest! Move your figurine by rolling your movement dice, face trials, use cards and become a hero!

Your Deck is at the same time your health, if the deck runs out, you lose! However, you will need to draw cards in order to lay claim to items, weapons and more! Keep an eye on your deck and keep the balance!

How To Play

Trials of Dice And Decks (TODAD from this point forward) IS a deck building adventure game, in which the objective is to complete a quest while simultaneously managing your deck. If you run out of cards in your deck and are unable to draw, your hero has fallen!

To play a card, simply drag the card, when this is done, a board will appear with silhouettes of cards. You may play your cards in this area. If the card cannot be played at this time, it will be returned to the hand. Otherwise it will be be placed on the board and clicking the check shall activate its effect. Most cards can only be activated once and will be sent to the discard pile, otherwise it will return to your hand.

Turn Loop

Starter Phase

At the start of each turn, you may play an Overworld card or roll your movement dice. You may play as many cards as you wish, before or after rolling your movement dice. You may however only roll dice once. If you roll again, you will be forced to skip to the draw phase, after which, your dice will be rolled. When you roll your dice, movement points will be added to your movement pool. Your movement pool carries over so if you don’t spend them in the movement phase or chose to skip that phase. You may skip this entire phase if you have movement points and chose to move.

Movement Phase

Upon clicking on a space , information of the space such as is type and the cost to move to it is displayed. The cost is the summation of the cost off all the spaces between the player and the target space. If you chose to move, your figurine will move to the space if able. After movement is complete, the space shall resolve (for example adding a card to the deck, shuffling, discarding a card ect) and the Draw phase shall begin.

Draw Phase

In this phase, the player shall draw a card and resolve its effect. There are three types of cards: Event Cards, hand cards and Trial cards. Hand cards are sent to the players hand and can be used in various moments. Event cards instantly resolve and have some effect on the player. Trial cards initiate the Trail phase. If the Trial phase is not initiated, the starter phase is initiated again.

Trail phase

When a Trial is initiated, information regarding it shall be displayed. For a trial, a certain amount of successes are needed in order to pass. A success is determined by a minimum amount needed to be rolled on a die. The amount of dice to be rolled is equivalent to the player’s stat that is relevant to the trial. If the player has 3 Physical for example, and a physical trial is drawn, the player shall roll three dice. The minimum needed to pass the trial is informed in the trial screen. After the dice is rolled, the player may play cards from his hand that add values to dice rolled or add successes. Wants resolve is click, the trial end and either the victory or loss effect is activated. The starter phase then begins again.

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