A downloadable game for Windows


Left Mouse button: click on different areas in the world to move. click on an enemy or human house to attack them (player moves to them and attacks them on his own, only one click necessary)

The world has been broken, creating small, separated pockets of life known as "Shards". These shards are disconnected from each other and on top of that, have allowed the entryway to twisted souls and abominations from far away realms. As one of them, you must eradicate the humans who dare attempt to close said rift, in an attempt to reconstruct their world. Because of the nature of shards, your form is not stable. Eliminating other creatures such as yourself will allow you access to powerful new forms, that tho temporary, shall bestow immense power upon you that will aid you in finishing off the humans.


AvariciousAbyssLD38.zip 32 MB

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