A downloadable game for Windows

You find yourself in a dimension between  the demon realm and ours. You must find a way out before you are overwhelmed by demons. Scattered everywhere are fragments of the souls of those who came before. Use the Spirit Crystals to create healing potions or talismans to ward off the evil. Make haste! your time is running out

Controls: Best played on a xbox gamepad. 

Movement: Left joystick/WASD on keyboard

Open inventory: select /i on keyboard

Jump: A button/ space on keyboard

attack with current weapon: Right trigget/click on mouse

roll: B button/ CTRL on keyboard

Quick equipment cycle: Left bumper, disabled on keyboard

Developed by: Julio Fernandez @dreamingdice

Paula Navarro @paunaal

Josep Mira.

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Eclipse Build 0.0.1.zip 55 MB